According to a personal trainer, these are the exercises you should do to boost metabolism

Did you know that some of your habits can boost metabolism? One habit is working out, and there are 3 exercises that are said to improve metabolism more than others. Discover them in this article

First, things first, it is essential to understand the concept of metabolism and its functions so then you can learn how to do something for your body. These are some of the everyday habits that can make a difference in your metabolism:

Having a healthy diet can make a difference in your metabolism

What is metabolism?

It is the chemical process that occurs in your body to maintain life. It plays an important role in your body since it converts food to energy and keeps your body breathing, digesting, and circulating blood. Moreover, it is in control of the number of calories you burn so metabolism can influence the process of losing weight.

In spite of the fact that metabolism tends to be relatively stable, there are many boosters. For instance, exercising is the best option. Here is what Matt Roberts, a  personal trainer from London, said about exercising and metabolism. 

“There are many exercises to choose from but ultimately any multi-functional movement involving large muscle groups causes a metabolic spike,” he said. As a result, Matt recommends doing squats, jumping lunges, and walking. 

3 exercises to boost metabolism

According to Max, before starting performing any exercise, it is essential to warm up and stretch in order to avoid potential injuries. 



This exercise will activate the biggest muscle group in your body: the glutes. This exercise can be perfectly done at home if you do not want or have time to go to the gym. 

Jumping lunges


If you want a more challenging exercise, this is the perfect one: squats with jumping lunges. 


Walking is one of the exercises that can boost your immune system

According to Roberts, walking is the most “underrated form of exercise that a lot of people neglect.” It is not necessary to walk 5 km. Roberts suggests taking the tube a few stops earlier than your destination and walking instead, as a good place to start. 

“Aim for 10,000 steps on non-workout days,” he said. Nowadays, there are many apps that count the steps you make so that could be really helpful and satisfying since you will see how easy reaching a walking goal could be. 

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