Abs like Kyla Itsines? Follow this challenging 30-minute ab and cardio class

Kayla Itsine's strength and fitness levels are absolute goals. Luckily, she shares her workouts frequently, so you can follow along from the comfort of your home!

Kayla shared yet another amazing workout on her Youtube channel. We have to warn you, it is tough. But totally worth it. Only 30 minutes long, it will work your abs and provide enough cardio to burn tonnes of calories.

Why do you need cardio for an ab workout?

We all know you can't spot-reduce fat. No matter how many crunches you do a day,  your abs won't change unless you eat well, drink lots of water, and do some sort of cardio. A whole-body workout is needed no matter what muscle group you are looking to tone. In the end, it's all about balance.

Remember to warm up and stretch! It's non-negotiable. 

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