Vurning calories while working? Learn how to keep the weight off while at work

6 techniques on how to burn calories while working

Working long hours doesn´t mean you can´t take advantage of that time for your own benefit, bodywise. There are still some exercises you can try while doing that to burn calories. We show you how.

With or without lockdown we still have to work. And it´s usually sitting on a chair in front of the computer or a des. This type of habit affects your health and your performance, and tend to consume calories in an exaggerated way. But what apparently is a very sedentary activity can, in fact, be very profitable to burn calories.

Working in front of the computer can be extremely stressful but also a way of gaining weight through the bad habits it comes with it.

How to burn calories

1.- Pause to do exercises

Find the right time to take micro-breaks in which you can move and exercise. Every 30 or 60 minutes, stand up and do some squats or push-ups.

2.- Consume green  tea

It can contribute significantly to weight loss.

3.- Stand up

If your activity requires you to be seated for many hours, try to create pauses (even small ones) where you can move and stretch your legs. Find a way to do most tasks while standing (talking on the phone, reading, etc.)

Consuming green tea while working is very relaxing and it also contributes to weight loss.

4.- Do yoga while sitting

Yoga can help you reduce and eliminate stress, fight anxiety, and lose weight. It can also help you soothe the pain of stiffness, and keep you away from injuries. Try to find the right yoga stretching routine.

5.- Eat grapefruit

It has fewer calories than other citrus fruits, and some of its compounds could act favorably on insulin levels, a hormone related to the accumulation of body fat. The intake of half a fresh grapefruit before meals is associated with significant weight loss and improvement in insulin resistance.

Sodas are not recommended for you while you´re working, they contribute to gain weight.

6.- Do not consume beverages that get you fat

During working hours, you often see a lot of mistakes in beverage choices that inevitably affect your health and weight. Therefore, avoid drinks that add calories and few nutrients. Avoid alcoholic drinks, sugar beverages, energy and sports beverages, sodas, and powdered drinks.

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