6 reason why you should walk in the morning

6 reason why walking in the morning is good for your mental health

If you want to start your day full of energy and ready to work, you should go for a morning walk. Here are 6 reasons why walking is good for you

The simple way of putting your feet in front of the other can be beneficial for your mental health. Even more, during the coronavirus pandemic when you may be working and doing everything from home. 

According to experts, it is not necessary for you to walk for hours to reap the benefits of an early morning stroll. Even just a 10-15 minutes-walk can make the difference.

Even just a 10-15 minutes-walk can make the difference.

6 reason why you should go for a walk 

1) It boosts energy

Starting your working day can be difficult if you found yourself feeling tired. So a morning walk could be the solution you have been looking for. Many studies have stated that walking in the morning can boost energy levels for the rest of the day. Moreover, doing it outdoors can increase people’s vitality and energy compared with those who walk indoors.

2) It boosts mood

Walking is scientifically proven to boost not only your energy but also your mood, leaving you feeling better and more positive. This happens since exercising activates the dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters which are the feel-good hormones.

Walking is scientifically proven to boost your mood

3) It increases focus

According to research published by Harvard Medical School, a 20-30-minutes exercise can help you be more focused on your tasks and it can also sharpen decision making.

4) It promotes mindfulness

Mindfulness is an excellent way to reconnect with yourself to feel more in tune with your body and it has been proven to benefit mental health. Walking in the morning is a chance for you to be more mindful in the present moment. So instead of spending time with your phone, put your sneakers on and go for a walk. You should avoid using headphones and hear the sounds of nature, instead. What are you waiting for? 

A 20-30-minutes exercise can help you be more focused on your tasks

5) It improves sleep

A study done in 2017 found that people who are usually exposed to great amounts of daylight, between 8 am and noon, can fall asleep easier than those who do not tend to be exposed to light. How is that possible? The answer is the circadian rhythm. The light regulates our circadian rhythm leading to hormone levels helping us achieve a good night’s sleep. 

6) It creates a fake commute

Dividing your home life from your work life is more important than you think. With the current worldwide situation, that is difficult, so walking can create the idea of a “fake commute” and break the cycle of working from home life. It is a sense of change of scenery in which you prepare for it: you wear sportive clothes, take a bottle of water and leave your house.

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