6 exercises to harden your glutes and get legs of steel

Staying home seems boring, but it has its benefits. This glute-hardening exercise is a great way to kill time during lockdown.

Not all the exercises we do in our daily routines focus on strengthening the glutes. For that, there are specific exercises that we must practice.

If you are interested in strengthening your legs; It is not enough that you practice the appropriate workouts, you should also combine them with an effective training plan oriented to this area of your body. Therefore, it is possible to strengthen your legs and buttocks with a good diet and these exercises.

It is possible to strengthen your legs and buttocks with a good diet and some exercises.

The idea of this routine is that you do each of the six exercises with 60-second breaks after each one. The routine consists of the following:

- 20 diagonal hip extensions
- 20 push-ups and leg extensions
- 20 hip abductions
- 20 push-ups and knee extensions
- 20 glute bridge
- 20 glute bridge with crossover

It is essential that each exercise is done with the proper technique. Therefore, doing many repetitions but incorrectly is of no use. On the other hand, it could increase your risk of injury. Working your legs well is very important not only for aesthetic reasons but also to improve your sports performance.

Glutes exercises

The great secret to strengthening your glutes is quite simple: you must do constant training and maintain a consistent diet. Therefore, the most convenient way to eat to grow your glutes and legs may be simpler than many believe.

- Avoid processed foods

- Don't forget to analyze the ingredient lists of the foods that you put in your mouth

- The most effective thing is to fill your house with foods that have no ingredients

- There is no doubt that vegetables and fruits should be the main food in your diet, as well as legumes, whole and unaltered cereals, nuts, and responsible animal products (if you include them in your diet)

Vegetables and fruits should be the main food in your diet.

- You should cook meals whenever possible, and it is advisable to cook from scratch. People don't realize the importance of protein when trying to build lean muscle and consequently toned abs. The muscles can use between 0.8 and 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Remember that protein fuels muscles

- Increasing the consumption of foods rich in protein can help promote weight loss, fight against belly fat, and support muscle growth in your buttocks and legs

- Seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy products, legumes, nuts, and seeds are just a few examples of healthy, protein-rich foods that you can add to your diet for a flat stomach

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