6 best exercises for your dreamy 6-pack

6 best exercises for your dreamy 6-pack

If your goal is to develop a six-pack, just like the ones Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Hemsworth, Michael B. Jordan, or Zac Efron have, then you must follow this routine. 

Sometimes people stop exercising because they do not see progress, especially in the most difficult part to strengthen, the abdomen. Sometimes it gets bigger, harder, and does not seem to decrease in size, when generally looking for the opposite, to have a six-pack. 

Some experts found out that the best exercises to exercise the abdomen are bicycle crunches on an exercise ball or yoga, and the captain's chair or Roman chair. In the case of the exercise ball, although the stimulation of the abdomen and obliques was found to be less, it also generated less movement for the muscles of the legs and lower back, making it more focused on the middle part of the body and one of the best to tone.

The exercise ball stimulates the abdomen by focusing on the middle part of the body.

To achieve results it is not necessary to buy appliances for the house but to follow a good routine focused on obtaining great results. Choosing the best exercises in a daily 5-minute session could prove very effective.

1. Bicycle maneuver: Lying on your back with your hands behind your ears, raise your knees so that your calves are parallel to the ground at 90 degrees, without lowering them. Stretch one of your legs, raise your head, and do the crunch alternating legs stretched out by counting, one after the other.

The bicycle maneuver is one of the best exercises to help you develop your dreamy six-pack.

2. Captain's chair: To perform this exercise you need a Roman chair (a backrest, two armrests, and two side rails). With your legs suspended and your body leaning against the chair, bend your knees so that they are parallel with your hips, then slowly lower yourself.

3. Sit-ups on an exercise ball: Sit on the ball with your legs in front of your body, your knees bent, and your feet on the floor; Then move your hips forward until your back is resting on the ball. With your hands clasped behind your neck, perform the crunch to perform abdominal work.

Crunches with vertical legs is also difficult but if your goal is to get those six-pack, ít´s the only way.

4. Crunches with vertical legs: Lying on your back, lift your legs, and stretch them at the hips; Raise your head with your hands clasped behind your neck and do a slow downward motion.

5. Torso Track: Using the incline bench and the use of garters, this exercise consists of doing the crunch by opening the arms while getting up.

Sit-ups with arms stretched out

6. Sit-ups with arms stretched out: In the traditional sit-up position, perform the exercise with your arms stretched overhead. 

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