5 tips for keeping good posture while working from home

Working from home can't be the same as doing it anyway. It is important to acquire good practices to avoid muscular pain.

Working from home has become a daily reality for hundreds of thousands of people around the world due to times of confinement.

 Technology allows us to connect from our home and perform the tasks we usually do from our usual workplace, however there are some bad postures that can affect our health.

5 Tips for maintaining good posture during work

Taking care of the way we sit, maintaining a comfortable posture or establishing breaks to walk or stretch are some of the routines we need to incorporate into our work at home. The way we sit is important for our concentration.

In order for a chair to be healthy and not cause these problems, its design must meet ergonomic criteria and not just purely aesthetic ones, so that the user finds the support he or she needs in the seat to maintain a correct and healthy posture.

5 tips to work more comfortably at home

  1. Avoid being hunched over
  2. Having a comfortable chair
  3. Create an environment that inspires you
  4. Take care of light handling so as not to strain your eyes
  5. Rest your eyes every 20 minutes by looking at a distance and away from the screen
5 Tips for maintaining good posture during work

An ergonomic chair prevents back pain, and also creates healthy psychological states: it achieves greater efficiency in the development of work, reduces fatigue and increases the general well-being of its user and his or her motivation at work.

Invest into a laptop stand

Another good tip is to invest in a laptop stand, available online. This will help you raise you laptop to a higher position, helping you keep you neck alligned to the screen properly. 

Avoid working from your bed of the sofa. This will inly lead to worse posture and back and neck pain.

Now that you know all this, you can start to feel more comfortable when working at home, the results will be beneficial for your health and wellbeing.

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