5 gifts to give runners for Christmas

5 gifts to give runners for Christmas

If you don´t have a clue on what to give your athlete friends or family for Christmas, here are 5 tips that may help you.

Christmas is coming and the question we always ask ourselves reappears: What can we give away? In a difficult year, where social encounters did not abound, a good option is sports clothing or accessories for those who need to get rid of the stress of all of 2020 through their running routines.

These gifts are ideal for strengthening the body, improving the
stability and recovering from tough training sessions and runner injuries.

If you have a friend or a relative who is keen on sports, don´t have second thoughts... just give them running gear for Christmas!

1) Kettlebell
The kettlebell consists of a cast iron ball, similar to a cannonball with a handle that allows an excellent grip. The difference with a regular dumbbell is that it allows you to give greater versatility to the movements and exercises that can be performed. Kettlebells can be used in strengthening exercises for any part of your body and are therefore excellent for runners.

2) Elastic bands
Resistance bands are a perfect accessory for runners as they allow you to work most of the muscles that a runner uses for their routine. They are ideal for strengthening the legs and hips, and for improving balance. Furthermore, they are also a key tool in injury recovery.

Elastic bands are a great gift for runners as they help them strengthen their legs and hip.

3) Massage ball
Self-massages are a highly recommended alternative to recover from hard training or injuries. They are a perfect accessory to put pressure on certain difficult points where the hands cannot. If there is confidence and/or the person who receives the gift is one of those people who do not notice those silly details, a golf ball, a tennis ball, and a rigid ball (there is one for pets that works perfectly) will be perfect.

4) Weighted balls
For those runners who have already passed the stage of strengthening their body with their own weight, introducing accessories that generate extra resistance is highly recommended. Like kettlebells, medicine balls allow you to strengthen the body in very varied movements. Ideal for working the abs.

Weighted balls are great both for outdoor and indoor routines. They are ideal for lockdown!

5) Supplements
There are runners who cannot stop resorting to supplements. We do not recommend their abuse or careless use, but there are times when they are necessary. Whey protein supplements, creatine, energy gels, sports drinks, and vitamin supplements are the most widely used and can make an excellent gift.

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