5 exercises you should skip ccording to experts

5 exercises you should not do according to experts

Many personal trainers were asked about the best exercises to move and which of them should be skipped. So here are 5 workouts you should not do

5 exercises you should skip

1) Bicep curls

Try to skip bicep curls since they only train the front of your upper arm and instead do compound exercises that involve many muscles, for example, squats, front and reverse lunge, or plank. 

2) Pistol squats

Pistol squats have become a very popular move from CrossFit but it can actually cause injury since you are placing a lot of pressure on your knees and your ankles. Instead, opt for a single-leg squat that helps you build lower body strength

3) Souped-up burpees

Burpees are considered one of the most uncomfortable exercises but that is because the body is telling you it does not feel right, imagine if you add them, other movements like dropping the body to the floor. So avoid these souped burpees and take the time to perfect the proper burpees so that they give you the results you are looking for. 

4) Sit ups

People tend to hate the sit ups at the point they execute them very poorly, which provides no benefits from the exercise. Therefore, you should replace them with functional core work. They work not only the core but also the abs and include the following movements:

5) Crunches

If crunches are not well done, they can affect your neck, creating lots of tension. So try to avoid these exercises and go for other core exercises. There are so many different ways to work the core:

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