5 effective exercises to train trap at home 5 effective exercises to train trap at home

5 effective exercises to train trap at home

The trapezius is a muscle that usually develops quite fast when we start exercising it.

One of the main reasons why the trapezius is easy to develop is that there are a variety of exercises that involve it, directly or indirectly.

The trapezius and the shoulders are muscles that are usually exercised together and it is rare to do a trap exercise that does not involve the shoulder. That's why some of the exercise routines we leave out, below, are also dedicated to intensively training the shoulder.

Calisthenics for trap

1. Arm Circles

1. Arm Circles

This is an excellent exercise to start exercising both the trap and the shoulders and forearms. Simply stand up straight and raise your arms to shoulder height, so they are almost parallel to the ground. Now slowly rotate your arms in a circular motion, you can start with 30 seconds or 1 minute depending on your resistance, then repeat the rotation in the opposite direction.

It's an easy exercise to do anytime, anywhere, and you can use it as a warm-up as well.

2. Superman


In this exercise, only with our body weight can we work our trap and lower back. To do this you must lie face down with your arms extended forward, keep your back and legs straight, now raise your arms, chest, and legs as high as you can.

At the top of the exercise, hold the position for at least one second with your lower arms, chest, and legs slowly to the starting position. A series of about 10 repetitions will be fine to start with.

3. Rowing with an Elastic Band

Rowing with an Elastic Band

An excellent exercise for working the middle and lower part of the trapezius. Very important since we usually think of the upper part of the muscle ignoring that it is larger than we can sometimes notice with the naked eye. With the resistance of the elastic band, we will make an opening of the arms ending in a backward movement. You will surely feel a great work on your back.

4. Scapular domination

5. Scapular pull up

This is an exercise popularized by Vince Gironda which allows us to work mainly in the lower portion of the trapezius, its execution is quite easy.

To perform it we will hang from a dominoes bar and then we will simply raise and lower (lower) our scapulas, in addition, this exercise is quite good because depending on our horizontality, we can influence more on the upper-middle or lower-middle portion of the trapeze.

5. Scapular push up

Scapular push up

Finally, we have the scapular push-up, which is also quite easy to do.

To do them we will place ourselves in the same position we would use to do some bending and then we will retract them with their subsequent protection of the scapulas, thus working our trapeziums.

Now that you know how to work the trap and its importance in your posture, you will surely notice how well you look walking with your new and elegant posture.

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