3 killer Jen Selter glute workouts with a resistance band

Resistance bands are everywhere these days. Inexpensive, lightweight, and taking up no space, these workout boosters are fantastic to take with you on a trip for a quick hotel workout or just to use at home. Jen Selter shows us how. 

The fitness guru posted several quick videos of what is no doubt going to become your go-to glute workouts. The best part? All you need is a resistance band and a bit of space.

Resistance bands are sold online and in sports stores and have become increasingly popular, especially during the lockdown. Lightweight, easy to transport, and taking up no space, they nevertheless provide a fantastic boost for your workout. 

Resistance bands are usually sold as a set so you can adjust your workout accordingly, from light to heavy depending on your fitness level and the body part you are working on. They are cost-effective, add variety to your workouts, and are easy to take with you to the gym, on a trip, or just your local park for a quick outdoor workout. Resistance bands, unlike weights, are also relatively safe to use, even for beginners.

Easy on the joints, they can also be used for pre and post-workout stretching. 

You will find a variety of resistance bands on the market. We suggest starting with the basics. Make sure you get different ones (light to heavy) for a more varied workout.  

A great example of how a resistance band can boost your workout can easily be discovered just by following Jen Selter's quick glute workouts. Just make sure you stretch afterward!


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