3 habits to maintain to avoid muscle loss 3 habits to maintain to avoid muscle loss

3 habits to maintain to avoid muscle loss

Preventing muscle loss is not so difficult and can be achieved with simple day to day practices.

If you have noticed in the last few months that your body is less muscular and you have less strength, it is likely that your physical activity or your diet is the reason.

1. Do strength training

To avoid muscle loss, it is important to exercise, especially strength training. Whether you go to the gym, exercise at home, or exercise under your own weight, strength training will help you maintain and increase your muscle mass.

Do strength training // Photo by Thought Catalog

If you are a sedentary person, your body will not have a lot of muscle, since a lot of energy and training is required to achieve muscle development. So, if you are worried about a lack of strength or muscle tone, this might be a good time to do some strength activity. You can start working out with your body weight!

2. Watch your calories

Being obsessed with counting every calorie without supervision is not the solution to keeping you in shape. If your caloric intake is too low, your body will use some of your muscle mass as energy. In fact, this is what commonly happens with people who are on very restrictive low-calorie diets. They lose weight, but a lot of that weight they lose is muscle.

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3. Get the rest you need

It is a fact that muscles are repaired with rest and that lack of sleep can lead to loss of sleep. However, there is no exact number of hours of sleep that will work for everyone. Simply get enough rest to feel active and energized for daily activities.

Habits to maintain to avoid muscle loss // Photo by Frame Kings

Finally, it is important to consume protein for muscle development, as it helps us build and repair the body's muscle tissues.

As you have seen, the loss of muscle mass has to do with habits that we can easily improve!

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