10,000-step rule might be a myth

10,000 steps a day: myth or truth?

We have heard that the most popular fitness goal for those who are not that fond of exercise is walking 10,000 steps a day. But is any good?

So, the 10k-step rule is quite popular, but not many of us manage to walk that much each day. This rule is based on the idea that 10,000 steps is the exact amount of aerobic exercise any given person needs in order to avoid gaining weight. But here's a plot twist you'll definitely love: it might just be unnecessary.

10,000 steps might just be a myth!

Some physicians say that, actually, 10,000 steps a day have little to do with your overall weight. Instead, this is what you should be aiming for:

Quality instead of quantity

It is important to keep moving, so whenever you get the chance, do it. But always keep in mind that quality exercise will have more impact. So, if you want to walk, keep in mind the intensity of your steps rather than the quantity!

Every activity counts!

Stand up!

Spending time on your feet has a lot of advantages, which is why variable height desks have become so popular lately.

Everything counts

If you are not a fan of exercise, keep in mind that any activity that gets to move will already make a difference. Gardening, playing with your kids, walking your dog, it doesn't matter: it is important to know that those things help, especially if you can put a little bit more energy while doing them!

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