Zoë Kravitz's diet and workout routine

Zoë Kravitz is having a moment lately, and she's an inspiring singer and model. Just check what she used to do for her self-care routine!

Zoë Kravitz seems to nail that effortless beauty, balancing with a fresh, naturally glowing complexion and fit-shaped body.

Non-processed diet
Zoë eats organic non-processed foods, supplements like fish oils for the skin, and probiotics for digestion.

She tries to be conscious of where it's the food coming from and she sticks to mostly vegan health food cause it's how she grew up. And always eats greens or steamed veggies, or stuff that doesn't have a lot of oil or chemicals.

Workout on her own
Zoë doesn't have a trainer because she prefers working out by herself. Her preferred method of exercise is cardio, ranging from outdoor runs and hikes to the elliptical.


She also revealed she does some exercises at home like stretches and leg exercises.

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