Hot Yoga: What is it and what are the benefits (and risks)?

There are many styles of yoga and with different names, many people get confused when they hear about "hot yoga". However, Hot Yoga is a discipline that is practiced in a room at a high temperature.

People often ask themselves if hot yoga is safe, as there seems to be much debate about it.

First, practitioners should hydrate before, during, and after class. It is also advisable to move to more energetic rhythms only after having experience in slower and quieter classes. Good guidance from a Hot Yoga teacher should always be available.

Bikram - Hot Yoga

Practicing yoga at 42 degrees is becoming a favorite activity for many people, both because of the rapid weight loss and because of its many other benefits

42 °C, 40% humidity, 90 minutes, and 26 positions. This is how hot yoga is presented, which is a discipline that has more and more followers.

Although the practice of yoga goes far beyond achieving tangible goals, there is no doubt that one of the main attractions of this type of yoga is how fast you start noticing changes. 

Although yoga goes much deeper than burning calories, it is clear that feeling better and looking better is always something that motivates us.

Bikram - Hot Yoga

Heat activates the metabolism, which is responsible for fat burning and promotes weight loss.

In addition to the heat, the benefits of yoga are many: It strengthens the muscles and helps to eliminate back and knee pain, ends insomnia, and allows us to feel better.

Everyone can practice Hot Yoga?

Actually the idea is that first people start with traditional yoga and then when they know the discipline they start with hot yoga.

Regarding the risks, it can be mentioned that it would not be recommended for people with cardiovascular problems since heat increases heart rate. It is also advisable to be well hydrated at all times, to avoid heatstroke or dizziness and nausea.

Bikram - Hot Yoga: What is it and what are the benefits and risks?

The most important thing is to be well advised in class. A good trainer will know how to indicate the most appropriate rhythm for your profile. Beyond the type of yoga that each person prefers to practice, yoga brings great benefits to a person's health and wellness.

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