Tips on how to practice Reiki at home

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding this wonderful spiritual healing technique is How to practice Reiki at home? How to do self Reiki? And what benefits does practicing Reiki bring me?

Anyone interested in practicing Reiki should know that this Japanese technique was developed by Master Mikao Usui around 1920, based on certain Tibetan Buddhist techniques. The word Reiki can be understood as "Universal Energy", whose practice consists of channeling unconditional love based on the energy imbalances generally caused by the chakras.

The chakras in turn are species of energy vortexes located along the spine, from the crown to the base of the spine whose function is to receive, accumulate, transform and distribute energy throughout the body. That energy flows freely through the body is synonymous with well-being, exactly what is sought with the practice of Reiki, otherwise, that is, when energy blockages occur in our body, physical, mental and spiritual health is usually affected.

The chakras are species of energy vortexes located along the spine.


For this reason, Reiki works perfectly as a complement to any type of medical or psychological therapy, providing only benefits. Hence the interest of many people in not only receiving this wonderful therapy from therapists or initiated reikists, but also learning to practice it by themselves at home. That is why I have put together a series of specific steps that make it possible to learn how to do Reiki on oneself and thus begin immediately to take advantage of each of the benefits that this technique is capable of providing.

In general, Reiki therapies are usually taught by reikists or therapists with master's degrees or at least initiates, however, this great technique is purely natural and energetic, which gives you the possibility of practicing self Reiki at home.

.In general, Reiki therapies are usually taught by reikists or therapists with master's degrees


How to practice self Reiki on a step by step basis:

Benefits of practicing Reiki

Among the many benefits that the practice of Reiki offers, we can mention those on a physical level, such as the relief of any type of pain, injury, inflammation, headache, anxiety, etc. And on an emotional level, once you learn how to practice Reiki you can improve problems of insomnia, sadness, aggressiveness, depression, and others.

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