This is Chris Hemsworth's meditation app

In difficult times, solidarity among people is important. During the pandemic, Chris Hemsworth launched a meditation application for children to help them be less anxious.

The aim of the application is to help families find a sense of calm in the midst of all the chaos.

Chris Hemsworth's online exercise program Centr is launching an extra series of sleep meditations and visualizations specifically for children ages 4-9.

This is Chris Hemsworth's meditation application

The meditations can improve children's physical and emotional health, and older children will benefit too!

"Kids are feeling anxiety and stress like us, and probably more so because they don't understand it and it's difficult for us to explain it to them. These guided meditations have been really beneficial."

Developed by a team of psychologists and meditation teachers, these sleep meditations and visualizations will be narrated by Chris, after seeing how they benefited his own children.

"I thought, this is not going to work, my kids are allergic to sitting still. But to my surprise it actually did calm them down.

The app is narrated by his voice.

Joining Chris in the narration of these new meditations will be Taika Waititi, writer, actor, and director of films such as Thor: Ragnarok, Jojo Rabbit, and the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.

This time of stress and uncertainty affects us all, from children and teenagers who may feel anxious and confused, to parents who feel the pressure to get involved in homeschooling and keep everyone entertained.

In addition to helping our adult members seek calm, manage stress, and find focus, it becomes an essential part of their sleep routine.

Many Center members have already practiced sleep visualizations as part of their children's bedtime routines.

Children can also become more aware of their mind-body connection. Most importantly, the application gives children the tools they need to deal with stress, sadness, or difficult feelings.

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