The 5 principles of Reiki that we can apply in our life

Reiki, as a complementary holistic therapy, invites us to connect with the force of love, peace, and abundance. Let's see!

The principles of reiki can be applied to various situations in our lives. To keep our body, mind, and spirit aligned, let's see how to carry out this wonderful discipline.

1. Just for today do not be angry
Although sometimes it costs, it is important that we know that when we get angry, that discomfort only hurts ourselves. If faced with a problem, I can have the grace to take a few minutes to breathe, reflect, and think before reacting, we will have a great benefit in our quality of life and that of the beings that surround us. The key is in the ‘intention’: to recognize that a certain thing or person does us wrong, express it with love, transform it, and let it go. Nothing is magical, it is an everyday job. But we can do it.

2. Just for today don't worry
This principle invites us to connect with the present moment, with what we have today. He calls us to stop putting together imaginary worlds about "what is to come", or what is "going to happen." It is a great door to root in today, in the here and now. There is something very nice in that "Just for today" that is repeated in each beginning, and that has to do with this idea of living one day at a time; concentrating on small steps, which repeated over several days, can help us to be happier.

3. Just for today be kind and grateful
Because if we are kind to others, we will be being kind to ourselves. When one has a clean spirit, kindness flows through the pores. We can start with the simplest: a sweet look, kind words, smiles, thanking. It is about focusing on what we have (the least): health, the sun that comes through the window, the aroma of the coffee, the plate of food, the roof, our breath. Thanking is a great act of healing.

4. Just for today earn my living honestly
If we do it this way, we will be sending the Universe the coordinates to envelop us with divine energy and abundance. Besides that, we will be authentic with ourselves, and we will be able to shine: It would be ideal if we could all work from what we love. And if it is not possible, change the attitude: give the best of ourselves, so that our energy instead of weakening and vibrating in the complaint, gain confidence and personal power.

5. Just for today honor your teachers
This principle invites us to think about the idea that if we respect others we respect ourselves. Honoring our parents, teachers, and siblings help us celebrate our roots and thank those who have guided us here.

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