Practice these simple mindfulness exercises to improve your wellbeing! Practice these simple mindfulness exercises to improve your wellbeing!

Practice these simple mindfulness exercises to improve your wellbeing!

With the busy lives we usually have, it is normal to feel stressed or anxious. And, let’s face it, most of us don’t have 10 minutes a day to relax, let alone to practice a half-hour meditation session. Here’s something that might help.

If you google “mindfulness”, you will probably find a million tips, but sometimes you can’t just find the time to practice it. Thankfully, there are some minor changes you can make that will help you coordinate your busy life with some well-deserved rest. 

More than that, with a well-deserved treat that will help you stay focused, engaged and happier all over.

Try mindful awareness

This will help you appreciate those simple daily tasks that usually go unnoticed. How to do it? Quite simple, think of one thing that happens every single day and that you barely pay attention to, something that you take for granted. Opening a window, for example. At the very moment your hand touches the window to open it, think of the action, and think of the reason why you are opening it.

Think of the fresh air that simple action will bring into your house and be grateful for it. It won’t take you extra time, but it will certainly make a difference. You can do this with a lot of daily activities.

Try mindful listening

The idea of this exercise is to help your mind be more present in what is happening here and now and not in past experiences. As a matter of fact, a lot of “how we feel” is connected to past experiences, so finding a way to get away from that for a moment is really helpful. How many times have you hear a song that automatically changed your mood because it reminded you of something else? We thought so.

A great way to approach mindful listening is to pick a song you’ve never heard before, close your eyes and put on your headphones. Try not to judge music by its genre or artist before the song begins, do not get ahead of yourself, this is all about being here, now.

Allow yourself to explore every aspect of the track: the different instruments, the rhythm, the voices, follow the sound waves whether you like it or not. Let the flow take you somewhere else.

Bottom line

Developing a fully-conscious mindset takes time, but with consistency you can get there. However, these simple changes can bring about a lot of positive things that you will soon notice in your everyday life!

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