Your holiday drink of choice according to your zodiac sign

From ancient Egypt until today, we look at the stars to predict our future, and to determine certain traits of our personality. Here's what holiday drink matches our zodiac.

Your holiday drink of choice according to your zodiac sign

Humans have turned to celestial bodies for answers for thousands of years: farmers as long ago as the Ancient Egyptians used the sky as a calendar to mark the flooding of the Nile and sailors used it as a compass. And the more I know, the more I believe zodiac signs shape our personality. The holidays are officially upon us and with that comes all the festive food and drinks! Here's what holiday drink matches our zodiac.

Aries — A red martini promotes vitality and prevents energetic depletion, a peppermint stick enhances passion and courage.

Taurus — To calm down Taurus can use a holiday punch to detoxify negative energy and promote grounding. 

Gemini — Needs to satisfy its duality, so eggnog and gemini both have two sides: their serious side (think: the version with rum) and a gentle side (think: the non-alcoholic version).

Cancer — A mug of hot chocolate is a perfect match for sensitive cancer. 

Leo — Pour yourself a margarita and enjoy the spotlight Leo.

Virgo — For perfectionist Virgos, champagne encourages light and positive energy.

Your holiday drink of choice according to your zodiac sign

Libra — The blend of whiskey lemon and honey is the perfect balance for libra.

Scorpio — Get yourself a Hot Buttered Rum for gentle, and soothing energy. 

Sagittarius — Hot peppermint mocha will turn negative energy into positive. 

Capricorn — A glass of wine promotes self-love and reduces stress.

Aquarius — Apple cider promotes harmony and helps banish negative thoughts. 

Pisces — An expresso martini is a creative twist of a classic


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