Your Halloween candy according to your zodiac sign

From ancient Egypt until today, we look at the stars to predict our future, and to determine certain traits of our personality. Here's what Halloween candy matches your zodiac.

Humans have turned to celestial bodies for answers for thousands of years: farmers as long ago as the Ancient Egyptians used the sky as a calendar to mark the flooding of the Nile and sailors used it as a compass. And the more I know, the more I believe zodiac signs shape our personality. The holidays are officially upon us and with that comes all the festive food and drinks! And of course candies, these are your Halloween candies!

Aries — A chocolate bar with some crunch will appeal to Aries's volatile nature. 

Taurus — To calm down, Taurus should indulge in some caramel. 

Gemini — To satisfy its duality, Gemini needs some chocolate and mint: two intense flavors that complement each other. 

Candy for every Zodiac sign

Cancer — To satisfy Cancer's sensitivity and playfulness, multi-colored chocolates are their candy of choice.  

Leo — Anything colorful will do - multicolored fruit-flavored candies will do.

Virgo — For perfectionist Virgos, harder candies, difficult to wear down like their personality.

Libra — Libra needs balance and beauty, that is why pastel frut-flavored taffy candies fit Libra like a glove. 

Scorpio — They need to unwind, that is why liquorice candies help Scorpio relax.

Sagittarius — They are thrill-seekers so sour candies will provide a shock of adrenaline fit for a Sagittarius. 

Capricorn — You are mild and grounded, peanut butter chocolate cups are the best Halloween candy for Capricorns. 

Your Halloween candy according to your zodiac sign

Aquarius — They like singularity and strength, so unique candies are the best kind of candy, such as Harry Potter's Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. 

Pisces — You are sweet, creative and flexible, just like gummy candies!

Aniela Dybiec

Aniela is a writer who and loves art, makeup, and magick. She is also an amateur illustrator, a wellness fan and a vegetarian.+ info

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