The hidden Magic of Candles: How to channel your intentions through Candle magick

Why are candles so important in the modern-day world after the advent of electricity? The answer is because the mysticism of fire and spellcasting is still ingrained in our culture. See how you can work with the transformative power of fire through candles!

Candle magick is one of the oldest practices of humanity. Fire is a sacred element for pagans, religions and even in the secular world. Have you ever wondered why we make a wish before blowing our birthday candles out? Well, we are casting a spell.

When you light a candle to set the atmosphere you are performing a spell.

In fact, when we want to create a peaceful atmosphere we light a candle and you might have caught yourself staring at the dancing flame as if you were in a haze, almost hypnotized. Well, if you are just starting to explore spellwork, candle magick is an excellent place to start, especially because you are already familiar with it –even if you were not aware of it.

Candle magick is an excellent place to start, especially because you are already familiar with it –even if you were not aware of it.

How do candles work

A candle is a symbolic object that represents the elements: the wick and the base represent earth –necessary to keep the candle grounded–, the wax –that transforms from solid to liquid and then gas– represents the water element, and the air is the oxygen that keeps the candle burning, and the fire element is, of course, the flame. If you add an intention to your candle, you are infusing the candle with the element of spirit –and behold your magickal tool.

A candle is a symbolic object that represents the elements.

Magick is the art of focusing and directing your energy into your intention from a spiritual plane to be manifested in the physical plane. Candles function as messengers for your intentions and are send through the flame, as the candle disappears and leaves the material plane carries the message to a spiritual plane.


You can also use the magickal properties of color to strengthen your message. The use of color correspondences can boost the power of your spells, but always make sure to follow your intuition, if you feel particularly drawn to a certain color, just go for it!

Other candle enhancers

You can rub essential oils to your candle, inscribe the body of the candle with your intention or rubbing herbs for more magickal power.

You can rub essential oils to your candle.

The spell

Once the candle has been lit and the intention has been spoken, you should let it burn all the way down –don’t ever leave your candle unattended, safety must always be first.

You can sometimes try to read the wax left behind –this is called ceromancy, you can try to look for shapes or patterns in the wax or the overall appearance of it. Just remember to be safe and to have fun casting your spells! And remember the Law of threefold return: whatever energy you direct will be returned to you with three times more power –so never cast a spell intending to cause harm.   

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