Palmistry: Find out about your future with this beginner’s guide to the ancient art of palm reading

Chiromancy or palmistry has been practiced for at least 2500 years. All to know to start reading your palms!

A little bit of history

Palmistry is thought to have begun as a practice in Ancient India and to have reached China, Tibet, Egypt, Persia and Greece. Aristotle stated about chiromancy in this History of Animals as far as 2500 years ago that

Lines are not written into the human hand without reason.”

During medieval times its popularity decreased, as it was classified as a forbidden art, only to be resumed in the 19th century with occultism’s revival.

Palmestry has been practised in the cultures of India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Persia, Sumeria, Canaan and Babylonia.

What is palmistry?

The fundamentals of chiromancy state that by analyzing the features of the hands you can arrive at an interpretation regarding your personality and future events, just as astrology does by reading the stars.

By analyzing your hands you can get to know your personality better.

Where to start

Although opinions may vary, it is said that the non-dominant hand will tell the characteristics you were born with, and the dominant one will reveal how your personality traits might have changed during your life.

The four elements

Source: Sage Aune

To begin with, you must look at your hand and decide what hand shape is associated with yours, as it will tell you what elements you can associate it with. To tell the proportion of your fingers and hand, you can take your middle finger as the measure –i.e.: if your middle finger is longer or shorter than your palm.

Earth hands

Earth hands are generally characterized by square palms and short fingers and relatively proportional to the palm. If you have this type of hand you are probably practical, logical and earth-bound. The good news is that earth individuals are reliable and secure, they tend to be too consumed with their realities and struggle with long-term planning.

Fire hands

Fire hands have rectangular palms and very short fingers and tend to be warm people, though they seem not to be able to stay still and might become too anxious.  They are passionate and confident.

Air hands

Air hands have long fingers with more of a square palm and tend to be intellectual, adaptable and curious people. They are also very good at communicating and have analytical abilities.

Water hands

Water hands have a rectangular palm and long fingers. People with this type of hands are emotional, intuitive, imaginative and creative.

The lines

The main lines are: heart, heat, life and destiny.

Head line

It is located in the center of your palm –between your heart and life line– and it tells us what are the lessons we’ve been born to learn in our life.

Heart line

It is the line above the head line. It rules the love matters: romance, sexuality and commitment.

Life line

Is the line you can find below the head line.

Fate line

The fate line is placed vertically at the center of your palm and it will tell us how our lives will be influenced by circumstances beyond our reach. It is often believed to change a lot during our lifetime.

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