Modern witch: How to manifest your dream job

Modern witch: How to manifest your dream job

We’ve seen countless movies where witches cast spells but do they really work? And if they do, how is it possible to manifest your dream job. Read to find out how to set your magickal intentions!

Have you ever wondered why we make a wish before blowing our birthday candles out? Why we light a candle when we want to create a peaceful atmosphere? Or why we enjoy spending time in a bathtub full of salt? Well, we are casting a spell even if you didn’t know. There is no logical reason why we like to do so, the answer is that we are more connected to our spiritual side than we actually believe to be. 

In fact, when we want to create a peaceful atmosphere we light a candle and you might have caught yourself staring at the dancing flame as if you were in a haze, almost hypnotized. Well, if you are just starting to explore spellwork, here is a guide on how to manifest your dream job

Modern witch: How to manifest your dream job

How to manifest your dream job

Trust your magickal intention

You have to believe that your spell will work, you have to believe in your will –the world changes with ideas. Positive thoughts make abundance bigger; negative thoughts create scarcity. If you cast a spell that you don’t believe will work, you are wasting your time girl. The act of casting a spell needn't be so complicated, it could be taking a relaxing bath to wash away your sorrows, writing your intentions on paper, lighting a candle stating your wish or smudging your home.



Visualize yourself in your dream job.
  1. Once you've had a cleansing bath, banish negative energies and prepared your sacred space, using your green pen, write everything you want to have in your new job on the paper with a green color. 
  2. Read it aloud and see yourself in that job.
  3. Light your green candle.
  4. Let your candle consume and finish the spell by burning the paper. 

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