Modern Witch: Magickal properties of nutmeg

Magick that you can eat is one of the best ways to honor your guests this Halloween, in fact, Nutmeg is the perfect addition to your every meal this fall. 

Modern Witch: Magickal properties of nutmeg

In case you didn’t know, you can turn any recipe into a magickal spell. All you have to do is do some research on the properties of the ingredients and set your intentions. Here’s a complete guide if you are new to it. 

Without further ado, here are the magickal properties of nutmeg:


It helps banish negative energies and allows you to vibrate at the right frequency. 

Boosting your intuition

Sprinkle a little bit of nutmeg into your beverage of choice to help get into the right vibrational state.


Add just a little bit of nutmeg to your favorite potpourri or fragrance to attract a new lover. 

Luck and money

Keep a whole nut in your purse or sprinkle a bit of the powder into your wallet to attract money and wealth.

If you own a business, keep one nutmeg in your register machine. If you are traveling, keep a nut as a talisman to promote safe travel.

Modern Witch: Magickal properties of nutmeg

Aniela Dybiec

Aniela is a writer who and loves art, makeup, and magick. She is also an amateur illustrator, a wellness fan and a vegetarian.+ info

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