Modern Witch: Magickal properties of grapes Modern Witch: Magickal properties of grapes

Modern Witch: Magickal properties of grapes

To be a witch you don't need to wear a cloak, boast a wart, or get gross ingredients. You can actually use ingredients you already have at home. This is how to use grapes in a spell!

In case you didn’t know, you can turn any recipe into a magickal spell. All you have to do is do some research on the properties of the ingredients and set your intentions. Here’s a complete guide if you are new to it. 

It is not necessary to have exotic or expensive ingredients or to be a qualified chef in order to cook something that will enchant your guests. You only need a little bit of heart, time and will. Here's the secret ingredient to becoming everyone's favorite cook!

Modern Witch: Magickal properties of grapes

Without further ado, here are the magickal properties of grapes!

Abundance and fertility – Plant a grapevine in your magical garden to get creativity and fertility to flow. 

Money – Decorate your house with grapes to attract money. 

Positivity and fun – Anoint your third eye with grapeseed oil to brighten your outlook on life and eat grapes before meeting your loved ones. 

Romance and stress relief – drink an enchanted wine to increase romance in your life. 

Spirituality – Create a pentacle out of the fresh vine to increase your spiritual connection to your higher self, here on Earth.

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