Modern Witch: 5 Ways to find comfort through hard times Modern Witch: 5 Ways to find comfort through hard times

5 Ways to find comfort through hard times

We’ve all been through a time of strain and uncertainty at some point in our lives and it is normal to feel like we can’t cope with all the stress. If you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, you can turn to witchcraft for comfort.

When I feel like I can’t cope with the pressure of my job, social life, and trying to stay healthy, I have found that witchcraft has given me the peace and comfort I longed for. Life can get pretty tough, but with a little motivation and magick, you can make it better.

Modern Witch: 5 Ways to find comfort through hard times

5 Ways to find Comfort in Magick

1. Crystals

1. Crystals

Crystals have a lot of potential to reduce anxiety. In fact, crystals are my first choice when I need comfort. It may sound simple, but grabbing a crystal can make a big difference. Here’s how to choose the type of crystal that you need.

2. Artwork

Dwelling on things you can’t control will not change your situation, you have to try your best to change your feelings. Art and craft are a good way to keep your mind away from what causes distress. Art has proved to help reduce stress and help mental health.

3. Candle ritual

Candles are one of the easiest ways to approach magick, especially if you are a beginner. You can try lighting a blue candle and state your intentions while you do so a simple “bring peace through these times, help me make the right choices” will do. As the flame burns, feel your sorrows burn away.

4. Nature

Going for a walk in the park, or sitting and observing nature in the garden can make you feel more connected to Mother Earth.

5. Cleansing rituals

5. Cleansing rituals

Cleansing your home is a way to renew energies at home and get rid of all the negativity or stagnant energies. You can try smudging, sound cleansing and healing baths.

I actually make these practices part of my routine, and it makes me feel much better instantly. Try including one practice at a time, and see how your energy changes.

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