Make cleaning more interesting by turning your chores magickal!

Whether you are in charge of your house or not, we all have chores, and the truth is that I haven't met anyone that actually likes cleaning, doing the laundry, washing the dishes or anything like that. But what if I told you you could actually make it magickal? Would it become easier for you? 

A modern witch approach to cleaning

The truth is that we all do some cleaning at home, some chores might not be extremely excruciating for us, some others we prefer to do without, but we all at some point have to clean or tidy home. Here are some ideas to make your chores magickal!

Magickal sweeping and mopping

I added to my broomstick some lavender flowers and rosemary branches for extra protection and purification, as you sweep picture yourself getting rid of all the negative energy that might have built up. 

I added to my broomstick some lavender flowers and rosemary branches

Add some moon water to the mop water or lavender oil to infuse positive energies and do clean any negativity that remains. 

Magickal laundry

Laundry is another chore that I find the most boring. No sooner do I finish washing a load of laundry, than another one piles up. But I have found that these practices make doing my laundry a bit more fun!

Pay attention to your front and patio door

The entrance to your sanctuary is very important, so make sure you sweep the negativity out your door and wash your front door with an herbal infusion of basil, rosemary, lemon, lavender or chamomile for protection, purification and luck.

Pay attention to your front and patio door

Once you have finished cleaning your house, remember you can always make your own spells! I recommend completing your energetical cleansing by smudging some herbs!

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