Magic explained: What is its relation to the basic universal principle of the Law of attraction?

The Law of attraction has been discussed by philosophers, religious figures, writers and so on. What you did not now is how closely related to Magick it is, let’s explore the key aspects of the universal principle of all spellwork.

Although the interest in the Law of attraction is a fairly recent phenomenon, it has been present in our world for centuries. Just as regular people cast spells without even knowing when you are performing a spell you are also working with this basic universal principle.

The Law of attraction explained

To sum up the concept the Law of attraction is “thought become things,” the universe responds to your emotions and thoughts and brings circumstances so vibrate at the same frequency as your thoughts. People struggle with understanding that everything that has happened to them –the good and the bad– is a result of their thoughts and beliefs. You are what you believe you are and you are capable of what you believe you are capable of.

How to use the Law of attraction

If you are already familiar with it, you surely know that there are several techniques if you want to shift your thoughts to attract more positive things in life. The most important tools are gratitude, affirmation, and visualization. If you combine the three techniques, you can make your mind change.


It is also referred to as appreciation is to focus on everything that is going well for you in the present and be grateful for all the positive feelings in your lives –that will make you stay away from the negative.

Being grateful for what you have makes you stay away from negativity.


Repeating positive statements describing the reality we want to create over time can make these affirmations come true.

Write down what you want to achieve.


Visualizing the circumstances we desire and creating a vivid sense of our dreams becoming reality can lead to turning your thoughts into concrete things in the real world.

Visualizing what you want to achieve may get you closer to your goals.

The Law of attraction and Magick

The three main strategies of the Law of attraction are part of almost all magick spells. Affirmation is the spoken or written part of the spell, you visualize the desired outcome and you appreciate the outcome in advance.

Magick is basically the art of using focused intention to bring about the desired effect. Identifying the principles at work in the universe will help you understand the way magick works and who to make it more effective.

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