Jar Spells: a guide to making your own spell in a jar!

Maybe you have already heard about magick containers, maybe you haven’t. here’s all to know if you are a beginner on how to make your own magick in a jar.

I’ve already told you about crystal magick, candle magick, moon water, smudging and creating your own spells with your intention, but you can also create your own spells in a jar. In the past, European witches used bottles to create their protective spells and buried them in the earth and they date to the early modern period.

How to create your own spell

How do you actually cast a spell in a jar? You need of course, a jar with a lid, and ingredients to match your intentions.

Ingredients you could use

How to

Cleanse your jar, you can smudge some sage or cleanse it with a little bit of vinegar.

Choose your ingredients, the ones that are meaningful for you.

Try using the power of candles to feed your spell.

While you place the ingredients, speak your intentions out loud, focus your attention and voice what you want, for example, “I’m adding some salt to protect my house from negativity.” And seal the lid when you feel you’ve finished.

Keep your jar somewhere you know it is and feed your intentions, you can light a candle near it, or say a prayer and once your spell has manifested you can bury the remnant into the ground or the full jar if you feel like it.

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