How to break the karmic cycle and move on in 3 steps

How to break the karmic cycle and move on in 3 steps

Haven't you ever found yourself caught up in the same pattern over and over again? That's because you need to break the karmic cycle. Move on with these 3 steps!

How to break the karmic cycle and move on in 3 steps

The karmic cycle can come in different forms, as a relationship pattern that repeats itself with different people, or situations that teach you the same lesson. In short, a karmic cycle is a pattern that is supposed to teach you a life lesson

Our souls live different lives, collecting karmic debt, which must be repaid in the following life, and by noticing the repetitive patterns you might know what debt you are supposed to pay.

A karmic relationship

A karmic relationship does not always refer to your significant other. You can have a karmic relationship with best friends, parents, or other relatives. 

To break the cycle of karmic relationships you need to break the cycle of soul connections. 

How to break a karmic cycle

Step 1: Identify a karmic relationship or situation

You have to analyze your relationships and see why you are feeling stuck in a cycle. Don't worry, you'll know. 

Step 2: Focus on self-care

Practicing self-love is paramount as it will make you choose yourself in the karmic relationship. 

Step 3: Trust in your intuition

Intuition is the best tool to protect yourself from karmic situations. Don't do anything you feel forced to do. Your intuition will never lead you to the wrong place. 

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