Your hair is wild? Don’t worry here you have the best Detangling combs

Your hair is wild? Don’t worry, here´s all to know about detangling combs

If you've ever struggled with detangling your hair, maybe you are doing it the wrong way. We provide the best advice to make it less painful and damaging for your hair, and we review detangling combs!  

Have you ever struggled for hours to detangle your hair? I have, and I'm sure that if you are here, you have too. It's one of the most exasperating experiences in life: it feels like there is no way out, it hurts a lot and sometimes you end up pulling out your hair until strands of hair start pilling up on the floor. Then, I have to say you might have been using the wrong tool or doing it the wrong way. Here is some advice on how not to ruin your hair. 

Have you ever struggled for hours to detangle your hair?

How to brush your hair

Never start from your roots

When you brush your hair, you should start brushing the ends of your hair first and once you’ve removed knots, you should move up and start combing again in small brush strokes.

Section you hair

It’s better to divide your mane into smaller sections. This not only makes the whole process easier but also makes it stress-free, be patient and work your way up from the ends. Brushing your hair has a lot of benefits apart from detangling knots, it redistributes oil from the scalp wrong the hair and, in turn, helps condition dryer ends.

Choose the right tool

Brushes and combs vary according to your hair type, it is not easy, however, to choose from the wide variety of brushes. These are some general rules according to your hair type:

If you have fine hair

The best are the ones with extra soft bristles –as they are gentle on the hair and scalp.

Thick hair

You should choose a paddle brush that increases shine and redistributes natural oils.

Paddle brushes are useful for long and thick hair

Long hair

Paddle brushes are useful for long hair as they allow you to brush through a large portion of hair.

Curly hair

A sturdy, wide-toothed comb is probably the best to detangle curly hair, and it will be easier if you do it while you shower.

If you have curly hair try to untangle it in the shower.

Detangling Combs

A detangling brush is a brush specifically designed for hair that gets tangled or knotted easily. The purpose of detangling combs is to help detangle knots in thick, or long hair, minimizing the damage to the hair strands

They can be used when the hair is dry or wet, and you use it like a regular brush, sectioning your hair and gently brushing your hair.

Benefits of using a detangling comb

The patented two-tier teeth deliver a painless experience CREDIT:

I hope you find this information useful!

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