You may are storing your cosmetics wrong! The right way to keep skincare products You may are storing your cosmetics wrong! The right way to keep skincare products

You may are storing your cosmetics wrong! The right way to keep skincare products

Cosmetics and creams are great allies for many people, but what they do not know is that they might be keeping them wrong. And this is affecting their skin. If you are unsure about how to properly store beauty products, keep reading and discover where you should never keep them

Although cosmetics and creams are located in a place that is practical and easy to reach when they are used, this one might not be the ideal one. 

The mascara may last less if it's not kept in the right place.

But not paying attention to the place where we keep the cosmetics and creams is a big, big mistake. Not taking into account the importance of the storage contributes to the deterioration of the products and, besides, they can harm the skin. 

The biggest 'no' are the bathroom and your bag or purse. Although they are very common places for the products, they can become the worst enemies. In the first place, the bathroom has many bacteria and germs going around, even in the air and the humidity is the worst environment to store products. They can easily get to you makeup tools or cream packaging and wreak havoc on your skin later. 

Avoid storing beauty products in the bathroom!

Besides, this room has constantly lots of humidity, which damages the pallets for example. If they are exposed to much steam or even water, they are more prone to break while using them. So here you have a 'must no', to take into account. 

Your bag or purse is not a good place for your cosmetics either. They are constantly moving and even they can receive hits that can damage the products. The formulas can be changed  and even they can open and get in touch with the bacterias inside your bag.

How to store your makeup

Makeup and skincare products should be kept in a cool and dark place, like a drawer in your bedroom or somewhere they are not in contact with humidity and a lot of light. A fridge is a good place to keep anything with Vitamin C and retinol in it. Keeping your eye cream in the fridge is also a good idea, as the cold product will instantly de-puff your eyes in the morning. 

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