Why should you get your pillows washed?

Bed linen often gets cleaned, but pillows usually aren’t included even though they accumulate dirt, sweat, bacterias, and others. Give them the right treatment and extend their lifetime! 

In an average home, sheets and towels are cleaned with some frequency, depending on their use, the material they’re made of, and the household’s overall routine. However, pillows usually receive just fluff and a change of bedding. If you want to adequately hygienize them, you must wash them as well. 

There are many kinds of pillows and each one has a correct washing process. Some of them are filled with feathers, others with synthetic filler. There are also memory foam and gel pillows. As you don't want your pillows to lose their properties, you should pay attention to how to get them properly washed. This process should be done at least once a year. 

Pillows accumulate dirt, sweat and bacterias.

Feather and down pillows

At first, check that there are no rips in the seams. Then, you can put them in the washer using the delicate cycle. You can add a tennis ball to the dryer to help the pillows maintain their fluffy texture. You should set a low washing power, and disable the spinning process on your washer. This way, you'll treat your pillows as carefully as possible. If you want to use your dryer, you should program it to 400 revolutions. 

Synthetic filler pillows

If your washer is a top-loading type, you should insert your pillows vertically there and use the delicate cycle. It's better if you wash one item at a time in order to avoid clumping. During the dry cycle, you can take them out a few times and fluff them up by hand. This way, you'll make sure that no lumps remain.

You should program your washer in a delicate cycle

Memory foam and gel pillows

You can wash the removable covers in the washer, but you shouldn't put these pillows in there. Instead, you should vacuum them at low pressure with an upholstery nozzle. If you feel that this isn't enough, you can also put them in the dryer on a heat-free cycle for about 20 minutes with a soapy cloth.

Jack of all trades: handwashing

If you want to wash your pillows by hand after removing their covers, you can submerge them into warm water with liquid clothes’ detergent for delicate items. You can add a tablespoon of ammonia to the water, and leave them soaking for a while. After that, you should massage and squeeze the pillows gently, and then flush them with clean water. You can add drops of essential oil if you'd like your pillows to smell good.

You can add some drops of essential oil to the washed pillows.

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