Who are the heirs of the makeup world and are here to stay?

The cosmetics empire is led by women, but now it is their daughters or granddaughters who are trying to take over.

The family legacy in the makeup world is worth talking about as several influencers have become heirs to successful brands.

Who are the heirs of the makeup world who are here to stay?

Committed to the family business, Claudia Norvina Soare has decided to start taking her first steps in the world of makeup with the idea of creating authentic bestsellers in the eyeshadow palette format. But she is not the only heir to a cosmetic empire that has made her beauty vocation clear ... And incidentally increasing her ballots to stay in command of the empire.

She is 32 years old and has violet hair, she has become the firm candidate to become a society and heir to Anastasia Beverly Hills. Norvina Soare is the best model of her creations and that of her mother. Bold-colored, ultra-pigmented shades have seduced beauty junkies into consuming the most artistic YouTube makeup tutorials. He is part of the show "Instant Influencer", captained by James Charles, the most influential person in the world of beauty, ahead even of Huda Kattan.

Danielle Lauder's is another one of those names that you will gradually begin to hear. Danielle belongs to the fourth generation of the Estée Lauder empire and is the complete opposite of Norvina, although they share her love for cosmetics. Danielle Lauder could be a 'Gossip Girl' character, her Instagram account exudes glamor, retro Hollywood style, and VIP events. She calls herself an Estée Lauder Ambassador and, as such, a few months ago launched her own cosmetic line, Act IV of Danielle Lauder, under the umbrella of the family brand.

At 26 years old, Danielle has already made cameos in the cinema and has starred in magazine covers, all always clad in pink clothes, her hallmark, however, does not have Norvina's Instagram success.

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