What happens when you stop shaving your legs?

What happens when you stop shaving your legs?

No doubt shaving is convenient –it is quick, it exfoliates your skin and it is painless. but, what if you wanted to take a break from shaving? Would you have to consider anything at all?

I remember being told as a teenager that if I shaved my legs, my hair would grow faster, thicker and that more hair would actually grow –I was terrified about it. I set out to find out the truth about shaving and this is what I found.

Will it grow back thicker?

If you, like me, had been wondering whether your hair texture would change, the answer is no. that is a myth that has worried us for years, and thankfully we can say that you won’t experience any change at all. It has no impact on the color, the rate of growth or its thickness.

No, your hair won't be thicker.

Aspects to consider

How thick your hair is will, however, dictate how you should moisturize. Heavy creams will act as a barrier, so go for something that is oil-based and has a thinner consistency. If your skin is acne-prone, avoid anything too heavy, go for body oils infused with tea tree or jojoba oil.

Use an oil-based moisturizer.

As shaving exfoliates your skin, when you stop shaving you should exfoliate more than you used to if you want the moisturizer to penetrate your skin.

Will I have breakouts?

Exfoliate more often.

You will experience less irritation as shaving can cause ingrown hairs and this might result in more breakouts.

No, hair does not make you smell funny

Whether you shave your underarms or no, has no impact whatsoever on the way they smell. The sweat will be odorless until It comes in contact with bacteria. So as long as you use deodorant, there will not be major changes.

The most important thing is to cleanse and moisturize, neither your hair nor your skin will be negatively impacted by not shaving.

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