What are the effects of exercise on your skin?

What are the effects of exercise on your skin?

You are probably familiar with the idea that doing exercise is good for our health in general, but do you actually know what happens to your skin when you work out?

As soon as you finish working you can already notice some redness, but what does that mean? What exactly is that process?

There are several benefits for the skin when you work out, but you might also cause harm to your skin, let’s have a look at the benefits and the possible bad effects for the skin.


Possible bad effects for your skin

Does the type of exercise affect your skin?

No, there is no difference in doing yoga or CrossFit as both will increase your blood flow. But your skin will react differently depending on how much you sweat.

Have a shower after working out and immediately change into clean clothes

The bottom line is that if you have a shower and immediately change into clean clothes, you’ll reduce the chances of bacteria working its way into your pores and causing pimples or other skin problems.

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