Waste-free beauty routine: all you need to know about block beauty

Waste-free beauty routine: all you need to know about block beauty

Even if you consider your beauty routine minimalist, the chance is that you are probably using at least toothpaste, deodorant, some kind of lotion and a cleanser. It might not seem like a lot but that is a whole lot of packaging to be wasting.

In fact, research shows that on average a woman uses up to 16 beauty products a day, and 40% of the plastic produced is only used in packaging and only 9% of all plastic in the world has been recycled. The numbers are worrying, but you can help.

Several brands have shifted to other less polluting materials such as aluminum and even no packaging at all. Solid block products packed in recyclable and cardboard is a new eco-trend you should definitely adopt.

These bricks make the product last for longer as they are concentrated than regular cosmetics, they have a smaller carbon footprint because they are smaller and lighter to transport. These are some of the products you can find in blocks.

Hair products

Solid shampoos and conditioners are tailored for different hair needs. Courtesy of the brand.

Solid shampoos have been around for a few years now, and not only are they eco-friendly but they are better for your hair –they come for different hair needs such as dandruff, for fragile and damaged hair and there are several mesmerizing fragrances. If you are looking for a solid conditioner, there are several options too to either brighten, revitalize enhance shine or nourish your mane.

Skincare products

Solid lotions can be a good option to ditch plastic. Courtesy of the brand.

There are cleansing bars that contain lactic acid that are fragrance-free for a gentler finish. If you are going for a more invigorating cleanse, you can try exfoliating bars to unclog your pores and get rid of impurities. There are also serums available infused with antioxidants and oils to improve the skin barrier and to fight free-radical damage.

There are also some sunscreen products available, but they don’t usually blend very well and live the skin a bit white.

Lush also has solid waste-free foundations that are available in 40 shades.

Other products

Of course, let’s not forget about good old soap bar that is much greener than any packaged body wash. There are also currently in the market tooth tabs, that come in reusable glass containers that you can chew and wash your teeth with. isn’t it amazing?

You have no excuses to make a change towards sustainable beauty, I recommend replacing one product at a time until you’ve changed them all!


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