Learn the best morning routine tips from Sara Sampaio, a Victoria’s Secret Angel

Victoria's Secret Angel's morning routine: What Sara Sampaio's mornings look like

There are many people to learn from when it comes to a healthy and invigorating morning routine. One of them is Portuguese Victoria’s Secret Angel Sara Sampaio, a well-known celebrity that has found the best habits to include in each one of her mornings to make the most of them. Discover how she starts her day and how you can follow in her footsteps!

You certainly can’t have missed out on Sara Sampaio’s role in the beauty industry. This supermodel has appeared on the covers of GQ, Maxim, and Vogue Portugal, and has walked the runways for everyone from Marc Jacobs to Elie Saab. Let's see how this Victoria's Secret Angel starts her days!

Healthy breakfast

Start your day with a healthy and boosting breakfast, just like Sara Sampaio does // Photo: Instagram

Sara usually makes a healthy breakfast to begin her everyday life: eggs, avocado toast, and mint tea are all elements that can’t be missing! Sometimes, she prepares an energy-boosting smoothie with vegan protein powder, fresh strawberries, and almond milk. She’s stopped drinking coffee and she feels better, has more energy, and feels less anxious. 

Taking care of herself

Sara Sampaio takes extra good care of herself with some tweaks in her morning routines // Photo: Instagram

Sara takes extremely good care of herself in many different ways. Not only does she try to get a good night's sleep, which isn’t always easy, but she also enjoys eating clean and healthy meals. Her great skincare routine is also an important element to keep her skin hydrated, and there are days when she adds extra intensity to her workout as well.

Morning skincare

In her morning skincare routine, Victoria’s Secret Angel Sara Sampaio loves to include moisturizing agents // Photo: Instagram

A thorough skincare routine is a must in Sara’s life. She pays a lot of attention to her skin’s needs and works very hard to take care of it. In the mornings, Sara uses three of her go-to skincare products: a moisturizer, a day serum, and SPF. Daily, this supermodel tries to hydrate as much as she can.

Makeup routine

Sara Sampaio doesn’t usually wear strong makeup in her everyday life, but she uses specific products to brighten her skin // Photo: Instagram

After applying the products from her skincare routine, Sara uses very minimal makeup to protect her skin and sunscreen every day. In the events that she decides to really do her makeup, her favorite choices are a luminous foundation to give her skin a brighter look and a lot of highlighters.

The model removes her makeup when she goes back to bed. For this task, she chooses to use a gentle cotton pad, an eye makeup remover, and cleansing milk. Sara explained how her sensitive skin benefits from these products even when she doesn't use them as makeup removers, but simple skin cleansers.

Time to go exercise

A good workout session can’t be missing from Sara Sampaio’s mornings // Photo: Instagram

Sara tends to do weight or resistance training in the mornings and, if she has to do cardio, she loves to do it in the evenings. She does intense reformer Pilates, focusing on isometric movements that elongate the muscles. She also loves hiking and getting out in nature, which she finds to be the perfect balance between cardio and relaxation.

Exercise is a very important way to achieve and maintain a healthy body, which is why you should find some type of exercise that fits your taste and needs. You can learn a lot from other people’s workout routines, for example, Sara Sampaio’s workout tips and ideas de get a supermodel body.

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