Unbelievable: This is Kate Bosworth's skin care routine for looking beautiful and young

The renowned actress, model, and singer maintains a daily routine to keep her skin beautiful and soft.

Kate Bosworth is looking more beautiful every day at 37 years old. She shares some of her skincare secrets to looking amazing.

"I take good care of my skin. I have very sensitive skin and I'm quite white, so I get sun damage very easily. When I break out, it's always around my chin. It's hormonal... I've had breakouts around my chin since I was a teenager.

The actress maintains a very good skincare routine because of the products she uses, both in the morning and at night.

"I love Epicuren and ISUN products because they're natural and effective.

Kate Bosworth gets up every morning and starts taking care of her skin.

"I start by washing my face. I use this Epicuren herbal cleanser, like, religiously. That doesn't change no matter what climate I'm in.

Another product she prefers to protect her skin is "Epicuren Soothe Dermal Repair Mist.

 "This tonic is wonderfully soothing to the skin and also keeps it hydrated and protected from the elements all day long."

Epicuren Soothe Aloe Vera Gel: "I have very sensitive skin, and this particular aloe is really very soothing to the skin. Also, Epicuren has formulated it in such a way that even if you have an allergy to aloe, which I don't, but many people do, they bring out any compound that creates that kind of effect. And so it's incredibly pure. It has a very nice consistency.

 ISUN Sapphire facial oil moisturizer: "Once the aloe gel has dried, I apply ISUN Sapphire Oil. I think people with acne get nervous about oils, but this is not going to break you; it's too pure for that. It's an anti-inflammatory; it's very soothing.

EmerginC Scientific Organics Home Facial Scrub + Clarification Kit: "If I'm scrubbing a lot, I'll pass several Scientific Organics scrub pads over my clean skin and sleep with that formula, these pads are the best I've found. The exfoliant is a natural fruit peel and other natural ingredients that turn the skin's vitality upside down incredibly effectively. I feel like I have a new face the next day."

Finally, Kate Bosworth argues that maintaining healthy habits is very important for beautiful skin.

"For me, refined sugar and alcohol are what cause breakouts. I think it's about moderation."

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