Unbelievable! These are Claudia Schiffer's skincare secrets

 On her 50th birthday, Claudia Schiffer looks better ever, with that effortlessly luminous skin and excellent genes. 

Claudia Schiffer said she is happier when tucked away at home in London with her husband Matthew Vaughn and their three kids, than when she was on a catwalk. Yet the model has never compromised her beauty routine which she follows religiously 

Morning routine

In the morning, she just showers and washes her face with water. Then she uses a moisturizer. When she applies any product, she makes sure to massage her face to get the blood flowing; it's her anti-aging secret. 

Three-step skincare routine

Claudia follows 3 basic steps: serum, oil, and cream. In the morning, it helps seal the pores and reduce inflammation. Sometimes, she uses a cleansing and clearing mask because she loves the result.

Black Rose Cream

At night when she's tired, Claudia gets her makeup off fast (sometimes she doesn't do it although she knows she has to) and uses a hydrating cream to have nice skin the day after. 

A beauty product she always takes with her

She always has a lip balm with her because her lips get very dry. She tries to drink lots of water and herbal teas, like chamomile or peppermint. She says sleeping well is crucial to look radiant and fresh. 


Every evening she does a meditation session using the Calm app. Then, she applies a nourishing mask that contains firming microalgae and collagen-boosting soy stem cells. She loves enjoying a hot bath infused with Detox Bath Salts. She lights a candle and then reads a novel to relax her mind before going to sleep. Dreamy. 

Makeup is about feeling well

Claudia uses foundation because, besides being shy, she used to blush a lot and everyone noticed it. She loves thick and volume mascara. Even if she has no time for any makeup, an eyelash curler just gives her an instant boost.

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