Touching up roots with coffee is the celebrity trend you must try!

On Instagram, Lucy Hale shows us how she touches up her roots at home using a cup of coffee. And whilst her intention was not to provide a piece of advice or create a tutorial, we were intrigued. Let's see how exactly you can color your roots with coffee.

After several weeks of lockdown and closed hair salons, it is inevitable: the hair grows and the roots begin to show... 

The good news of this is that creativity is a great human characteristic. This time Lucy Hale recorded Instagram stories while fixing her roots at home.

"Hey, guys! No, I'm not painting, I'm just doing roots because I needed help. Okay, I feel like Bob Ross," was all the Pretty Little Liars star said while giving her thanks to her fans for watching her Katy Keene show.

Coffee is then one of the secrets behind Lucy's perfect short hair

How to touch up roots with coffee?

All you need is to dissolve 4 tablespoons of coffee in a cup of warm water, take a brush like Lucy Hal. Simply run it over all the roots (always in a downward motion). Divide the hair into sections to reach the small corners. Leave on for 30 minutes and remove it with cold water.

TIP: Repeat the procedure every other day or once a week, depending on how much you need it.

New celebrity trend: black concentrated coffee for touching up roots.

This trick is ideal for those with a gradient with dark roots and lighter ends, for those who like a deeper tint to their hair, and even to cover gray hair.

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