Top skincare tips to help your skin cope with heating

Closed environment, cold outside, heat inside: a combination that can wreak havoc on your skin.

The most extensive part of our body, the skin, needs constant daily care to avoid being harmed by the elements.

Low temperatures outside make the capillaries contract, the blood supply is reduced, and the oxygenation and nutrition of the skin is diminished.

But what ends up damaging the whole picture is the heating, which also has harmful effects: it lowers the humidity and directly affects skin hydration.

Winter is a time of the year when sensitive skin and skin with rosacea are affected by sudden vasodilation due to temperature changes from the cold outside to heated places.

Moisturize your skin with creams

So what can we do to reduce the damaging effects of heating?

Moisturize your skin religiously

The first step is to moisturize the skin properly. With the heating on, this is particularly important. You can use slightly heavier creams in winter and don't forget to moisturize twice a day: in the morning and at night. 

Cleanse you skin properly

Winter is a time of increased vehicle movement which increases pollution levels. All this is absorbed by the skin so a good cleansing routine is recommended. Use a good cleanser and makeup remover. A thorough cleansing is the best anti-pollution remedy you will find. 

Cleanse the skin

Stimulate collagen

The collagen that is in the creams is an ingredient that moisturizes the skin, but only superficially. Being a large molecule, it is not able to penetrate deeply.

One of the techniques applied to stimulate the production of collagen is facial photorejuvenation with light, a system that allows having numerous clinical applications providing a global and uniform improvement of the skin.

Using serums and masks is key

Another alternative is mesotherapy.

It consists of microinjections of active ingredients in maximum concentration, achieving a direct and specific effect on the treated area, thus increasing its effectiveness and speed of action.

If salon treatment is not an option, opt for the humble face mask. Using one every morning or night will help you skin stay as healthy and glowing as possible. Choose wisely and alternate between hydrating and purifying masks. 

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