Toner and essence: What’s the difference?

Toner and essence: What’s the difference?

Toner and essence may seem like the same: they are used after cleansing your skin and have a similar consistency, but do they serve different purposes?

Though there might be some similarities between toners and essences, they are used for different reasons. Let’s see what experts have to say about it.


Toner and essence: What’s the difference?

Toners have become very popular the last few years, but, let’s face it, no one really knows what their purpose is. Well, a toner is basically a wash to clean the skin in these ways:


Toner and essence are both used after cleansing.

Essence, on the other hand, serves a completely different purpose, it is mainly formulated to target fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin.

The bottom line is that you can use the products together, while the toner will make sure your face is clean and fresh, and the essence will smooth your skin and enhance the penetration of the next product.

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