Get healthy and glowing hair and skin before the New Year arrives

Tips to start the New Year with great hair and skin!

Check off your New Year's resolutions your wishes for healthy and glowing skin and hair: that's something you can achieve right now! Simply follow these tips to improve your skin and hair care routines, which will give you the perfect looks you need to start the New Year! Read more to find out what measures you should take.

After the rush that usually goes before the holiday season, your hair and skin must be feeling heavy and somewhat overloaded. This is why one first key step you should take is swearing off makeup and hairstyle products for a few days. Your body will be thankful!

Give your face and hair some days off and go makeup- and hairstyle products-free.

However, simply going makeup-free won't improve the skin on your face at its best. For the best skin care possible, there are some products and habits you should include in your skincare routine, which will give your face a youthful and brightened look.

Every morning, begin by cleansing and exfoliating your skin. The next step should be a face serum, preferably with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid contents, two elements that'll give your skin a glowing and plump look. To use it, apply some on your face and, with the help from your fingertips, give it a blood flow-boosting massage.

A sheet face mask is also a great addition to your skincare routine. In less than 15 minutes, it'll fill your face with its properties! Use it in the shower and wash your body while it acts. You can also make the most of a makeup-free day by removing facial hair then, as it'll give time for your skin to recover from any residual skin redness and breathe before reapplying facial products.

With the help of some skincare products, including a sheet face mask, you can boost your skin health.

There are other measures you can take to boost your skin health. Regarding your diet, fast foods and refined sugars can worsen its looks and make it look duller. The reason is that sugar, in excessive amounts, prevents collagen from working properly to smoothen the skin. Additionally, hydration is always key for better skin, and you'll see the results of drinking water soon after making a routine of it.

Among the vitamins that your body needs to keep your skin healthy and glowing, there are many that can be covered with a healthy diet. Vitamin A, for example, can be consumed in breakfast with avocado and eggs, while vitamin E is one you can find in healthy snacks like almonds and hazelnuts.

Just like a makeup-free day isn't the only thing that your skin needs, silicone- and hair sprays-free day will improve your hair's look and structure, but not up to its full potential. To do so, fill your hair with nutrients with the help of specific hair care essentials, and focus your routine on taking care of your scalp and hair strands!

Haircare is key for good-looking and healthy hair: just follow these steps for a great routine!

To combat dry hair, a moisturizing hair mask is your best ally. Make sure to wash your hair beforehand, and have a shower cap ready. With it, you'll be able to cover your hair after applying the mask. Leave it on for 20 minutes if your hair is very fine, or a whole day if it isn't. Then, rinse off. In addition to this, you can choose this day to get a haircut and revitalize your hair!

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