Tips to avoid or reduce jowls Tips to avoid or reduce jowls

Tips to avoid or reduce jowls

With the passage of time, our body is suffering changes, it is losing hydration, collagen, the skin stops having its flexibility and becomes more flaccid. It no longer has the same tonicity and affects especially the neck.

The great secret to avoid or reduce jowls is to eat healthily:

Model boy // Photo by Oliver Ragfelt

It is also advisable to have good hydration: drinking water is healthy and we all know it, but we must take real awareness about it, keeping our body hydrated helps us to keep our skin healthy and free of wrinkles. If we are well balanced inside all this is reflected on the outside, so do not forget to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

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Start your breakfast with healthy juices. The best ones are beet and apple juice, carrot and orange juice, mango, and strawberry juice. They are very healthy to keep the skin hydrated and with the right vitamins and minerals.

Facial massage, diet, and cosmetic treatments can be a good alternative to fight jowls.

Facial exercises for sagging neck, jaw and jowl area- Facial yoga

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