Tips and tricks to store makeup and extend its lifespan Tips and tricks to store makeup and extend its lifespan

Tips and tricks to store makeup and extend its lifespan

As well as with many other things, storing makeup has its secrets and tricks. Besides, you can adopt some habits to make your beauty routine easier. And you can still organize them aesthetically and neatly!

On many occasions, the most comfortable options are not ideal. In the case of makeup storing, this can happen frequently. If you store your makeup products in your bathroom, you might be reducing their lifespan. Let's see how to organize them!

A good first step is to group them based on some criteria.

The first step we need to take is to choose the criteria to group them. This can be by brand, colors, function, among others. The election is super personal because it is wise to organize them taking into account what we need or what would be the best option for each person. 

When you've taken the decision, the next step is to think about where would be the most comfortable place to store them. And if you are thinking about the bathroom, although it is practical, it is not the best option for the products. The bathroom is not a dry and cool place as it is suggested. It is even the opposite. So, avoiding it would be great. If this is not possible, make sure you get the correct ventilation. 

Avoid storing makeup in the bathroom.

You can create a special space for storing your makeup, which can be where you apply it too! If possible, you can try to locate it near a window so you can get natural light and also place a mirror.

To improve the storage of makeup products, it is accurate to clean the tools frequently and also choose some transparent boxes which can be labelled too for even more organization. Make sure you always close the products well, this will help lots.

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