This is what Ashley Graham does every day to take care of her skin

Look what Ashley uses to keep her skin hydrated and healthy.

Ashley Graham is a model known for the "real beauty" movement, which celebrates what real women's bodies look like outside the fashion industry. 

According to her beauty routine, she uses many products during her nighttime routine. So you can see how Ashley is about caring for her face after a full day of wearing makeup.

All about moisture and having glowing skin
Ashley has a combination skin type, a little bit oily, a little bit dry. If it's summertime, she's oily. If it's the wintertime, she's dry. So she always changes her beauty products. 

The moisture ritual
She washes her face every morning with the same cleanser as nighttime, nothing too abrasive. And then, she uses rosewater, spraying it before moisturizer, after moisturizer, before makeup, after makeup, in the middle of the day. This keeps her skin soft and glowing. 

Sunscreen for a healthy skin
Ashley never forgets her SPF. She uses a sunblock (her favorite sunscreen made to prevent sun spots from appearing.

Coconut oil
She gets her eyelashes permed so she uses coconut oil to put on her lashes at night to keep them hydrated. 

Oxygen treatment
Ashley's secret to keeping hydrated is getting oxygen facials done by an aesthetician in a spa. Oxygen helps infuse the serums into the skin. Ashley's skin looks and feels hydrated after the treatment.

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