This is Xenia Adonts nighttime routine. Photo: Imaxtree This is Xenia Adonts nighttime routine. Photo: Imaxtree

This is Xenia Adonts nighttime routine

The German blogger ensures that she never goes to bed without washing her face. Let's see what their rites are.

German lifestyle blogger Xenia Adonts is the founder of Attire, transparent, eco-friendly, and ethical production wear. Spent isolation alone assumes she loves quark with fresh fruits. Her eclectic style falls in love with every photo on her feed. Let's know how this blonde beauty cares for her skin.

Always remove her makeup
Xenia Adonts routine begins with facial cleansing, the first thing is to remove makeup. For that, start with a German facial wipe. No micellar water or another cleanser, this wipe is the best product she has found because it removes all makeup and is very gentle on the skin.

Lovely cleanser
After removing all makeup, use a mousse cleanser. According to her, you put it on your skin and it becomes sparkling. And goodbye to all the impurities.

A beauty secret...
No matter what she did before or if she came back too late, she never sleeps with makeup on.

Serum and cream from Dr. Barbara Sturm
After facial cleansing, add moisture to the skin. Grab a serum for extreme hydration. And at this time, apply the facial cream from Dr. Barbara Sturm since its ingredients are natural.

Lip balm
Xenia's routine ends with a touch of the classic 8-hour lip balm that helps moisturize, soften, and smooth the lips, and then she goes to bed.

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