This is Olivia Culpo's beauty routine. Photo: Express campaign This is Olivia Culpo's beauty routine. Photo: Express campaign

This is Olivia Culpo's beauty routine

What is the beauty routine of the actress, model, former Miss Universe winner, and beauty icon? Let's see!

Olivia Culpo is a beauty icon and an international influencer. Let's see what her beauty and wellness routine is, her morning rituals, even the products that make her look better.

Morning skincare routine
Olivia first trains early in the morning and then starts her skincare routine. The first thing you do is wash your face, shower, and do a cleansing routine. Then she uses sunscreen, an eye cream, and a toner facial moisturizer because she loves the way they add color to her skin.

Beauty routine
She always starts with a moisturizer tinted with a foundation and that will be her makeup for the day. She likes to curl her lashes and use a mascara wand with a little hairspray to set her brows in place.

Always highlight eyebrows and lips
Olivia sometimes uses the brow pencil to color the brows in case there is any place that needs more definition. Then a lip liner is applied to add more volume and a bit of lipstick. Ready to go!

Skin is all that matters
Skin makeup begins with a moisture foundation. To add points of light use a golden bronzer and finally a creamy concealer with the facial spray to fix it.

Haircare routine
Olivia washes her hair every other day. When her hair is dry, use dry texturizing spray. But what she prefers most is to let her hair do its thing, unless she has to attend an event or something.

Wellness routine
Olivia tries to meditate every morning. Always drink hot water with lemon as it is an internal purifier. And, to stay organized, she makes a "to-do list" so she doesn't miss or forget anything and her mind is calmer.

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